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Club Penguin Book Archive

The Club Penguin Books, like anything Club Penguin related, are pieces of media fans like I will use to grasp at straws for new characterization or to otherwise experience canon material when the cpps world is fragile and the mouse has long abandoned the world. So, to save any other Club Penguin fans the time and money it takes to purchase all of them, I'll be uploading them for free online! Or at the very least, the ones I have.

Currently Missing Books From My Collection

Before I properly upload anything, I'm going to need to know how to upload images in a gallery format and I'm going to need to actually scan all of them, because this is Not going to be a useful archive if every picture is phone quality and has a little bit of my bed in it. I don't want the images just all on there too- want something like the Club Penguin catalogs themselves, where you can actually flip through the pages as if they were a book- like the internet archive, except the internet archive doesn't actually have all of these. I think. I didn't actually check.


Last Updated: 3/5/23