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[Freedom] A site button with text reading: Strings Attached. The text flashes periodically. A sprite of Spamton appears on the right of the text and changes as he notices the green strings that appear behind him.
[Control] | make your own blinkies!

WHAT" S THAT??? YOU WANT [[More]]??? HAVEN'T YOU HEARD OF [[Enough]] AROUND HERE??? FINE. I'LL GIVE YOU MORE. I' LL GIVE YOU MY [[Everything]]. MY [[Pretty Pictures]] SAVED [[With Credit]]. MY [[Terrifying Imagery]] ONLY MEANT FOR [[Private Eye Mater]]. I" LL MAKE SURE YOU WON" t [[Regret]] ANYTHING. NOT [[Coming Here]]. NOT [[Seeing the Sights]]. NOT BEING [[Big]]. NEVER BEING [[Big]]. WE" LL BE [[Big Shot]]S IN NO TIME!!!! ALL YOU NEED. ALL. YOU. NEED. [[4 Left]]

Last Updated: 2/23/23