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Webkinz House Tour

Note that everything is going to be a bit different in my house compared to other Webkinz house tours because I've put an additional challenge upon myself. With the exception of wall items when I have no more physical space in any of my rooms for it, I have challenged myself to make a Webkinz house where I have to use every single piece of furniture. That's right. Every Booger Gets an A poster until I can't fit them anymore. Every Wshop item the Wheel of Wow gives me, because I can't sell anything (with the exception of Webkinz Stadium Medals) either. This has really tested my decorating skills... or lackthereof, and it makes the house generally very... chaotic. But that's just what I like.

To Do: Screenshot each room in house, then arrange like a table. Make each image a link to each room. I think that should be the way to do it for now.

Last Updated: 2/23/23